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Arizona Revised Statutes – Title 25, the statutes governing family law matters:

Maricopa Superior Court website, where you can find information about your case, judges, commissioners, and other helpful details:

For self-service court forms:

Parenting Counseling or parenting classes in Maricopa County:

Planning for Parenting Time, a useful guide for parents containing sample parenting time calendars, parenting plans and other helpful suggestions:

Forms to establish paternity, birth certificates, etc. and for child support enforcement:
DCSS Customer Service Hot Line number is: 602-252-4045.

Arizona Child Support Guidelines:

Child Support – Frequently Asked Questions:

Child Support Calculator:

Child Support informational pamphlets in English and Spanish:

Maricopa County Family Support Center, review payment information and other information regarding your support payments:

DES Child Support Enforcement:

Supreme Court of Arizona Family Law Center, links to information pertaining to child support and other family law matters.

To apply for Title IV-D services:

Community services for families: